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Sales​force​.com: Building a Booming Market That Oracle Long Ignored

CBS News

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So now the giant Oracle faces a slog. Oracle is solid, massive, secure. But with their sheer size comes a perception problem,” says branding strategist Brent Turner, digital director of the Boathouse Group, a branding and advertising firm. Oracle is seen as for the Fortune 500. Salesforce is for the mom-and-pop shops.”

It’s far from clear that Oracle’s on-demand CRM push will hurt Sales​force​.com much, if at all. Price isn’t the only arena in which Sales​force​.com has distinguished itself. The company’s support of e-commerce is widely considered superior to Oracle’s, and Sales​force​.com has that all-important reputation for adaptability. The perception is that Salesforce is still small enough, they’ll create a solution tailored to each client’s needs,” says Turner. We’re in a time of hypertargeted marketing, and everybody wants something personalized to them. No one expects that kind of attention from Oracle.” Even if it is the giant.

by CBS News

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