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About Brent Turner

Working on a few formalities and playing with a couple of ditties.


I lead the strategy and technology teams for Cramer, a global brand experience agency.

Before joining Cramer, I was the chief digital officer inside MIT, held executive leadership positions at Ogilvy and Boathouse, survived two startup-to-IPO adventures, and successfully co-founding-then-selling my own company.


Every day I work with teams that are of action and with individuals for whom "achieve more" means everything. These are teams built around people who obsess quality, embody accountability, and prioritize relationships. Compatriots with an insatiable curiosity. People who Build to Think and know when Done is Beautiful. Friends that humor my middling coding and copywriting skills.

Through my career, my teams and I have built and launched numerous brands, products, and experiences. We have delivered for start-ups, Fortune 10 companies, and the challengers in between.


I can be found tinkering with a recently built backyard treehouse that I tell my wife is for our boys. Also, as someone who does not watch much television, I still love being a member of the academy that bestows the coveted Emmy® Awards.


To those who also give a damn and have something to prove:
I look forward to working together.

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Brent Turner